The Central Region Tech Prep Center

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Why Consider Tech Prep?

The world is changing.  Ohio labor projections indicate that the greatest job growth is in careers requiring at least a two-year associate degree. College Tech Prep can help prepare students for these high-skill, high-demand, technology-related careers by providing a seamless, non-duplicative, integrated pathway of education and experience. 

The Tech Prep pathway begins in high school, continues through two- and/or four-year colleges and leads to success through apprenticeship, certificate, associate degree and/or baccalaureate degree attainment.  Each pathway also provides the unique opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. Through collaborations with business, secondary, and postsecondary partners, College Tech Prep programs aim to help students obtain an education beyond high school in less time and at a lower cost.

Because College Tech Prep gives its students a solid foundation in both technical skills and college-prep academics, Tech Prep graduates are confident, focused, and well prepared to succeed in both college and the workforce.