The Central Region Tech Prep Center

Welcome to the Central Region Tech Prep Center web site.

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What is Tech Prep?

College Tech Prep connects high school and college education to high skill, high demand technical employment.  It combines the academic courses needed for success in college with technical courses that begin to prepare students for a career.


  • A sequence of coursework and learning opportunities that spans at least grades 9-14
  • High level academics that lead to non-remedial readiness for post-secondary study
  • 21st Century skill development
  • Knowledge and skill development tailored to Ohio's employment demands
  • Work-based learning
  • Valid and reliable assessment
  • Eligibility for seamless, non-duplicative post-secondary study
  • Transcripted post-secondary credit for college-level academic/technical coursework completed in high school
  • Industry-recognized technical credentials that can be applied to post-secondary study, leading to degrees and/or additional credentials