The Central Region Tech Prep Center

Welcome to the Central Region Tech Prep Center web site.

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Overview of Tech Prep


The Ohio College Tech Prep concept is a seamless, non-duplicative, integrated pathway of education and experience that starts in high school, continues through postsecondary and leads to success in the chosen technical career field.

Since 1992, Ohio has invested significantly in this concept and diligently worked to brand Tech Prep in Ohio on a national level.  In 2013, the state transitioned all non-Tech Prep career-technical education programs to the high-quality College Tech Prep program standards.  As a result, all career-technical education programs are synonymous with Tech Prep programs in Ohio.

Moving forward, all programs will be referenced as career-technical education programs.  However, the Ohio College Tech Prep Regional Centers will preserve the integrity and well-established branding of Tech Prep by providing services in a professional manner that maintain the excellence inherent in Tech Prep.

The Ohio College Tech Prep Regional Centers serve as the liaison to secondary and postsecondary partners to ensure Ohio maintains high-Quality career-technical programs.